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The decision to put in a new garage door isn’t always an easy one. You must weigh several factors, including price, style, and the various features you want to include. Elite Garage Door Service’s team is happy to sit down with you and look at several possibilities for your new garage door. Rather than just show you a computer print-out, we have actual photographs of each type of door to show how it looks when installed. There is never any pressure to make an instant decision.

How Installation Works 

Elite Garage Door Service San Jose, CA 408-402-8175Once you decide to go ahead with installation, the next step is to plan the project from beginning to end. We can even help you determine an appropriate budget and make sure that any suggestion we make doesn’t exceed it. We will need to measure the length and width of your current garage door so we know the correct size for the new one. After completing these steps, we provide you with a cost estimate and schedule an appointment for installation. Because we do our homework in advance, you never have to worry that the new door won’t fit properly. If you are searching for garage door installation service in San Jose, CA, give us a call.