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Elite Garage Door Service San Jose, CA 408-402-8175Garage door openers are great invention that allows people to remain inside of their cars when opening the door or when carrying groceries, small children, or anything else that doesn’t leave their hands free. If you have a remote control garage door opener, you probably use it several times a day. That means it is bound to wear out over the years. Elite Garage Door Service services all brands of openers. We always keep a supply of spare parts in our service vehicle in case the need for repair comes up suddenly.

If you need to replace a garage door opener, we offer several models ranging from basic to high-end. We will explain the various features of the more upscale models during your first consultation with our company. We also provide you with a written estimate at this time. It’s important to understand that getting a new garage door opener isn’t as simple as swapping one device for another. Our service technicians need to come to your home or business to calibrate the new unit first.